Eatin…Building the Foundation

Ok, so you know the song All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled?!  As I was sitting in one of our weekly design meetings – talking about a building foundation design ironically – and drinking my third protein shake for the day the following lyrics popped into my head to the tune of All I Do Is Win:

All I do is eat eat eat
No matter what what what
Got protein on my mind
Can never get enough
And when I wake up in the morning
All my shaker bottles go up
And they stay there
And they stay there
Up, down, up, down, up, down
Cuz all I do is eat, eat, eat
And if you’re full who cares make it stay there

Seriously… sooooo much food!  I know what you’re thinking “oh yeah, I feel so sorry for you.  You have to eat a lot of food.”  But have you ever tried to eat something when you are absolutely not hungry… or even feeling full?  It sucks!  My macro count did go up from what I was doing but I think it’s more from the fact that I am supposed to be eating every 3-4 hours where I used to eat very little during the day and then have huge meals in the evening.

It’s been about a week since I’ve started working on this foundation and the food is what has been the biggest change.  However the workouts, although seemingly similar to what I was already doing, have been a straight up kick to the a$$!  Gretchen must be the fitness equivalent to Houdini and just know what lifts to put together and in what magical order that raises the a$$ kicking level to expert!  The first workout was legs and I swear to you I was nothing short of a baby giraffe walking out of the gym.  Yeah… Google that for a very accurate depiction of this engineer’s pain.  Yeah… not looking forward to getting out of bed in a few days.  Ouch!

Begin Foundation Design

Like all buildings you must start with the foundation first.  The integrity of the entire structure relies solely on the foundations and soils below.  I don’t care how strong and redundant your framing is, if the foundation is not there the building will collapse and fail.  The foundation to this whole process is going to be establishing my diet and exercise plan which I got today.  So stinkin psyched to get this ball rolling!  Took Gretchen and I about 1.5 hours to go through it.  Soooo much stuff!  And holy cow… soooo much FOOD!  Eek!

The exercise regimen actually doesn’t seem to be too far off from what I have been doing.  It’s slightly less reps but more sets.  There’s also a lot more unilateral lifts which I haven’t really done before.  Apparently this is on purpose so that we can identify if any of my muscle groups are lopsided in terms of strength.  Huh… one of those things I never really thought about but will be interesting to find out.  She has me on a 3 days on 1 day off schedule.  The muscle groups worked are broken down into: legs, back, shoulder/chest/triceps.

She actually completely ex-ed all of my cardio minus 2 HIIT workouts a week.  Now you’re talking about a girl who used to do 30-40 mins of cardio everyday.  It would be nothing for me to put the treadmill on 11.0 mph (5:42 min mile) and take off for 20-30 mins.  So this was a shock to me.  Also realized I had no idea what actual HIIT was.  She told me it should be 20 seconds of effort and 1:40 minute recovery and that it should take me every bit of the 1:40 to recover and get ready for the next round of effort.  I’m super skeptical on this… I feel like I can do just about anything for 20 seconds and not need a whole 1:40 to recover but we shall see.  Actually looking forward to testing this out.  I mean… she’s talking to someone that has been called the Cardio Queen on more than one occasion.

Now the diet… wow!  Luckily I have been on a macro based diet for the past 1.5 years so that’s not entirely new to me, otherwise it would be COMPLETELY overwhelming and intimidating.  For those of you that are not familiar with a macro based diet… you don’t count calories, rather you count grams of protein, carbs, fats, and fibers.  The calories tend to work themselves out as each one of these macros has a set calorie count (ie – 1g of protein has 4 calories, 1g of fat has 9 calories, etc).  Granted the diet I was following only counted protein and carbs so now there are two more moving targets I have to hit.  Not only that but the macro goals vary based on training verses rest days and I have to consume a certain amount for breakfast and pre and post workout.  Yeah… is your head spinning yet?!  Cuz mine definitely is.

All good though… if I can design a building surely I can do some math to come up with a solution that satisfies all four variables… maybe a matrices is in order?!  And they said you would never actually use calculus in real life.  🙂

Existing Site

I am going to assume you have read the “About Me” page to have some sort of idea about what I intend to ramble about on this blog… however if you have not might I suggest you take a quick minute to do so before proceeding.  I mean… you wouldn’t show up to school without having done your summer reading would you?!  (ok… really bad example… just read it!)

Today I officially hired my trainer and battle buddy for the next 6 months: Gretchen Quast with C620Nutrition.  She is responsible for laying out my diet and exercise plan and making sure I stay on track.  She too has competed so look her up and give her a shout out!

Just like in the construction, you have to start with an existing site that may or may not be ideal for the project at hand.  However to determine what you’re working with you have to run several tests and investigations.  So the process began with me filling out a huge packet looking at my current build, size, workout routine, diet, and what my goals are throughout the process.

So let’s start by looking at what we’re working with and some of the highlights:

Name: Rebekah (Schrock) Morlock
Occupation: Structural Engineer
Age: 34
Height: 5′-11″

Starting Measurements:

Starting Weight: 172lbs
Bodyfat: 18.5%
Bicep: L: 12”
Chest: 36 ¼”
Waist: 30 ¾”
Belly Button:  31 ½”
Hips:  36 ¼”
Thigh: 24”
Calf: 15 ¾”

Best body parts aesthetically? (In terms of muscle development (size/ symmetry):  I would say my shoulders and my back, although my arms in general have really started to take shape recently.

Worst body parts aesthetically? In terms of muscle development (size/ symmetry) DON’T say abs – that is related to body fat – not development.  My legs.  I have insanely long legs and that’s where I tend to carry most of my weight.  In fact I have always been so self-conscious about them that unless I was playing soccer I almost never exposed them.  However, since I started lifting over a year ago I actually get a ton of compliments on how “perfect my hamstrings are” but I still think overall they could have better shape, proportion, and definition.

From here Gretchen is going to put my plan together.  The first goal being to get me down to 15% body fat and see how I feel.  Apparently some women do not do well when they are that lean.  They get moody, feel bad, and have no energy.  Yeah… can’t have none of that!!  So the plan is to get me there and see how I feel.

If I feel good we will make the decision to keep going and start working towards getting me competition ready.  If I don’t, we will work on reverse dieting and getting me to a point that I can manage and be happy.

Not gonna lie… when I saw this part of my life spelled out in so much detail I was actually pretty proud of myself.  I knew how hard I worked to get this far and where I had come from.  This part of my life – health and fitness – has been a roller coaster ride of many ups and downs starting when I was just 4 years old.

I have been an athlete my whole life.  I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old purely to prove to my older brother that I could be better than he was.  Low and behold I was… that is relatively speaking.  It became a sport that I fell in love with and continued to play into college.  During my soccer career though I did also dabble in a lot of other sports: softball, volleyball, track, basketball, and even diving, but none of them stuck and was as dear to my heart as soccer.

Growing up I was always the “skinny girl”.  I couldn’t put weight on to save my life and it wouldn’t be abnormal to see me sitting at the kitchen table with a tub of cake icing (preferably chocolate or funfetti) and some graham crackers grubbing down to the last finger-lick.  (Man those were the days!)  So between my year-round soccer endeavors and my seemingly genetically blessed metabolism, I never really understood nor had to understand the importance of a balanced diet and/or exercise.  Well like most skinny kids, I heard those doomed words of “you gotta be careful… it will catch up to you” a million times over but never thought the day would actually come… enter COLLEGE.