Eatin…Building the Foundation

Ok, so you know the song All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled?!  As I was sitting in one of our weekly design meetings – talking about a building foundation design ironically – and drinking my third protein shake for the day the following lyrics popped into my head to the tune of All I Do Is Win:

All I do is eat eat eat
No matter what what what
Got protein on my mind
Can never get enough
And when I wake up in the morning
All my shaker bottles go up
And they stay there
And they stay there
Up, down, up, down, up, down
Cuz all I do is eat, eat, eat
And if you’re full who cares make it stay there

Seriously… sooooo much food!  I know what you’re thinking “oh yeah, I feel so sorry for you.  You have to eat a lot of food.”  But have you ever tried to eat something when you are absolutely not hungry… or even feeling full?  It sucks!  My macro count did go up from what I was doing but I think it’s more from the fact that I am supposed to be eating every 3-4 hours where I used to eat very little during the day and then have huge meals in the evening.

It’s been about a week since I’ve started working on this foundation and the food is what has been the biggest change.  However the workouts, although seemingly similar to what I was already doing, have been a straight up kick to the a$$!  Gretchen must be the fitness equivalent to Houdini and just know what lifts to put together and in what magical order that raises the a$$ kicking level to expert!  The first workout was legs and I swear to you I was nothing short of a baby giraffe walking out of the gym.  Yeah… Google that for a very accurate depiction of this engineer’s pain.  Yeah… not looking forward to getting out of bed in a few days.  Ouch!

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