Competition Athlete or Drug Dealer?

One accessory that I never seem to leave the house without anymore is the oh so faint (although sometimes not that faint) powder residue on my pants, shirts, shoes, and sometimes even hair.  No it’s not cocaine or dry shampoo or even that special fragrant deodorant that I splurged on at the drug store a few weeks ago once I stepped up my HIIT… but protein powder, BCAAs, preworkout, creatine, or any combination of these.

Little did I know how much starting this process would quickly turn me into what looks like a drug dealer.  Not that I think drug dealers walk around sporting their product all over their attire but you will rarely see me anymore without a small bag or mismatched purse in tow.  Because let’s face it, I no longer get to select the bag by outfit or ensemble color scheme but rather by the amount of food and/or product I need to carry with me that day.  They are always packed with several different powders in small Ziploc baggies, little bottles of different types of liquid with small needless syringes, and a travelling scale.  Here TSA is worried about my juicy peppers and chicken and completely overlooked the drug stash I have taking up over a quarter of my suitcase.  Newbs!!

Although I am proud to say that I have now upgraded to a high class drug dealer because after pulling out small baggie after small baggie full of different powders I did start to feel a bit self-conscious especially after I was stopped by a sketchy random guy in the airport who asked what kind of goodies I had.  I splurged on the Blender Bottle GoStak containers ( and of course got them in hot pink.  I mean with as jacked as I am trying to get I don’t want people to mistake me for a boy, right?!  I highly recommend these to any athlete that is trying to avoid the “corner dealer” look.

However, beware!  You’re still not in the clear… the problem with these GoStaks is that if you are not using the shaker that comes with it, the opening tends to be much larger than most other shaker bottles.  So if you’re anything like me and have a tendency to make messes, you will still walk around sporting some residue.  Although take comfort in knowing that you’ve at least taken it down a notch from dealer to just a user! #fitgirlproblems

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