“Don’t try to spice it up Dirt!”

So for as long as I have been consuming protein powder, I am absolutely shocked that I did not know this.  I swear I am no supplement neophyte but I was absolutely schooled today on the effects a highly effective blender has on said protein powder.

So when I got home from the gym today I still had my post workout meal to eat, dinner, a serving of grapes, and 2.5 protein shakes to drink.  Now mind you… I don’t typically get home from the gym until about 8:00pm.  So this is a sh^%ton of food to consume in about 3-4 hrs.

In order to try and help get it all down I thought it would help, even dare I say make it enjoyable, to try and turn the 2.5 protein shakes into more of an ice cream smoothie.  I was currently on a container of ISO100 Cinnamon Bun which really did taste like a cinnamon roll (but please bear in mind you are talking to woman who hasn’t actually had a cinnamon roll in years, so my palate may be a tad off).  So rather than just drinking the 16 ounces or so of water/protein mix, I would simply put half of the water in the blender and add ice.  Brilliant!  I’m gonna be the Paula Dean of protein concoctions!  So in the blender it went.

As my Ninja was going to town I walked away to relieve some pressure the 1-2 gallons of water that day was putting on my body and when I got back to the kitchen there was nothing I could do but laugh.  I shut off the blender only to find what would have been 16 oz of liquid now clocking in just over 64 oz.  WTF?!  What happened?!  How did the whole end up greater than the sum of its parts?!

Apparently when you add ice to protein powder and blend it, it will expand to 4 or 5 times it’s original volume.  I did some research to figure out exactly why that is and everyone seems to say “because of the air in ice”.  Not sure I’m buying that but at this point I really don’t care because now I have 64 oz of cinnamon fluff that I have to eat before I go to bed.  Why not just pour it out and make me another protein shake you ask?!  Well because that was my last 2.5 scoops and the other protein powder I have on hand does not fit into my macros.  FML!


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