Meet my Liquid Chef

So I traveled back to Boise, ID today from Lake Charles, LA (don’t worry… an explanation of my current work/live situation is coming soon) and as tradition has it my best friend, Katie, always picks me up from the airport where we then go to Cheesecake Factory for appetizers and cocktails.

This is the first time I have come home since starting this process so wasn’t sure how well it would go down.  I mean… no one likes to drink and eat alone… poor Katie. So as we took our usual spots at the bar one of our favorite bartenders – Robert – greets us with the obvious, almost obligatory question: “the usual?”.  I looked at him and said “no, not for me.  I’m not drinking.”  The look I got from him instantly made me feel like I may need to look into joining an AA group immediately!  Then without hesitation he said “oh, you’re pregnant!”.  LMAO!  Come on man!  Are those my only options?!  Drinking or pregnant?!  (actually to be fair he’s not that far off and it was a pretty safe assumption)

I explained to him what I was doing and he instantly was on board and extremely supportive.  To the point that he let me bring in my last meal for the day to eat at the bar along with greeting me with a line of cocktails (pictured above) made purely from water, diet sodas, and food coloring.  To him he was probably just being funny, but what he didn’t realize is how much that meant to someone that has completely flipped her social life upside down.  Even though I KNEW it was just water, it felt like – for a brief second – that I was able to enjoy something I literally would look forward to all month – cocktails with my Bestie at the Cheesecake Factory.  Now, before we all start running to Robert to pin “Bartender of the Year” award on him… there was one small mishap that cost him his crown.

For any of you that have meal prepped you know it’s not always that simple of a task.  Especially when you are travelling on a plane where you can’t have more than 3oz of liquid AND you don’t have access to simple things like refrigerators and microwaves.  So it leaves you eating room temperature, solid food all day.  But like a Boss, I sat and ate my cold chicken and peppers in first class while everyone else around me enjoyed their free hot meal. #gonnabehotsomeday

So once I got to the Cheesecake Factory I had my one meal left to eat and I would have nailed my macros for the day.  #awesomesauce  However, during his little mocktail science experiment, said bartender forgot to use Coke Zero in one of his concoctions and rather poured the fully leaded Coca Cola.  Because I really don’t drink either very often I didn’t know the difference.  Just as I was slurping the last bit of it down he realized what he had done and practically jumped across the bar to pull it from my hands… but it was too late.  It was down the hatch.  So I had him measure it out to see how much I had actually drank.  It couldn’t be THAT bad right?!

Holy hell!  Do you know how much sugar is in regular soda?!?!  I mean… DANG!  Just 6oz ended up putting me 15g over my carb count for the day.  That’s 10.5% over!  UGH!  FML!  I blew my first day to drink something I didn’t even want!  Sigh… oh well.  All I can do is wake up tomorrow and start again.  Still love you though Robert.  E for Effort!!

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